How to Make Money from Remote Work?

Earning extra money is never too much and the internet has turned out to be a vast universe for remote work. That is, to make money without having to sweat. In some cases, literally.

Working as a freelancer has become even easier. And so many have adopted this professional lifestyle. And if you’re wondering how that’s possible, do not worry.

Remote work has already been a much-criticized activity. However, due to all the situations of the country and economic people, this phase has passed. To help you, we have selected four opportunities to earn money from remote work.

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Creating a virtual store has never been so easy – and fast. There are already ready-made platforms for websites, as well as being possible to do them through social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook , for example.

But an e-commerce , in addition to being very comprehensive, due to its possibilities of sale, is not only create and the money already falls on your account. Like all financial work, this also involves planning .

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The first fundamental step of opening e-commerce is research . Find out more about the market you are going to enter, how the same products are being sold elsewhere and if the location where you sell your product looks for.

Do not forget also the best ways to get paid, methods of stock, delivery. And of course, the cost. After all, you want to profit from your products. Also focus on how your sale will be advertised and for whom.

If the sale of physical products is not your beach, there is also the possibility of creating infoproducts . That are nothing more than digital products that contain relevant information.

Here’s a list of some infoproducts you can create and make money from them.

  • Video lessons
  • E-book
  • Blog Content
  • Vlogs
  • Podcast
  • Audiobooks
  • Screencast

If it is possible, you can also create kits with all of these contents present.

Purchase and resale

Purchase and resale

A bit like e-commerce, you can also buy other people’s products over the internet or resell them. Or, if it is within your budget, buy products from other countries – which are cheaper – and resell here for a below-market price, but still lucrative.

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There are cases where people just want to get rid of some object and so do it for a low price. Meanwhile, there are other cases where the goal is to sell something that needs to be tidied or repaired.

And for those who like to take the risk in the kitchen, it is also an opportunity to invest in food purchases and resell as ready-made products. Incidentally, food works on social networks due to the quality of the photos.

Sell ​​photos

Sell ​​photos

Speaking of photos, you can also make money from it. And if you are a person who loves photography, selling those photos to picture banks may be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are many who pay for quality files. And having a picture of you in a picture bank, you earn a small royalty each time someone uses it.

It may not be a very high value, but it is still money earned with less effort. However, your photos need to be of sufficient technical quality to be used elsewhere.



If you have studied hard and accumulated a lot of knowledge in one area, it is time to put it into practice.

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One opportunity is to open a consulting firm and have a remote job through it. Like all the papers cited, it also involves planning as well as specific care that a self-employed worker must have.

And by opening an online consultancy, you can offer both coaching and customer orientation. And without needing their physical presence. This opens up even more opportunities to have clients from different regions of Brazil, giving more scope to your business.

In the end, the investment does not have to be very high. But it has to be what it takes to get a small operation done and take care of the first customers.